Bitcoin for burgers? This could be a great deal

Chew on this: Burger King has released its own version of Bitcoin in Russia. His name is Whopper Coin. We do not.
Fast food quickly bumped into the beginning of its own virtual currency on the cryptographic market. In its loyalty program version, buyers buying big hamburgers earn Whopper Coin for every laundry you spend. It is available in a digital wallet available through the Burger King app and Whopper can be solved – wait – 1,700 Whopper Coin, the press release says.

Whooper coin transaction system and platform

Whopper Coin can be transmitted online and traded. This means that users can save their awards, send them to their friends, sell them to new customers or potentially raise them. Do your way.

“Now the big lie is not just hamburgers, people love from 90 different countries – it’s instrument investment,” said Ivan Shestov, director of outdoor communications for Burger King Russia, in a waves platform announcement where Whopper Coin act, According to reports, is optimistic about cryptography and block-block technology. “According to forecasts, crypto conversion eaten Whoppers exponentially grows in value. Is it now a strategy for tomorrow financial prosperity, “he said?