Vile Video Of Adam Johnson Surfaces Where He Brags About His Sexual Offences

Jailed footballer Adam Johnson was caught on camera making fun of his crimes with other inmates, which caused an uproar among campaigners.

The vile video:

The 29-year-old disgraced footballer was filmed secretly by another prisoner while he discussed his sexual offences conviction while they were in the Category C HMP Moorland in South Yorkshire’s laundry room.

In the video, an inmate points out that Johnson didn’t rape his victim, to which he replied: ‘I wish I f****** did for six years.’

‘What part of ‘age of consent’ does Johnson not get? To make it crystal clear to him: adults can’t have sex with children,’ an NSPCC spokesman said. ‘His lack of remorse for sexual activity with a child is appalling and shows utter contempt for his victim.’

The former professional footballer wanted to move to a lower security prison but according to The Sun, the leaked video may have destroyed his chances. Johnson’s hopes in an early release could potentially be also harmed by the leaked video.

Johnson was convicted for grooming and then engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old fan, he was sentenced to six years in prison in 2016.

Authorities have confirmed they are investigating the video today, as mobile phones are outlawed in British jails and prisons

Also in the video, Johnson complains about his harsh treatment, he said that he received a long sentence and charges because he’s a celebrity. He continues saying that if he was ‘Joe Public’ he ‘would have got a caution at the police station. They might not even have charged.’

He believes that if he had not been a professional footballer, the girl’s father wouldn’t even have gone to the police.

He claims that in the prison there are people who have ‘s****** 12-year-olds’ and got less than ‘half the time’ that he was sentenced to.

Comments from charities:

Co-Director of End Violence Against Women Coalition, Sarah Green, said: ‘Adam Johnson should stop making excuses to others and to himself about what he did.

‘It is very common for perpetrators of sexual violence to be in denial about what they have done. It is part of what makes rehabilitative work difficult.

‘It is also why it is important for professionals and for all of us to challenge claims about whose fault it is.’

The charity Enough Abuse stated, through a spokesman: ‘The arrogance of Johnson is disgraceful, but typical of someone who abuses – they see it as they’re right and the law is wrong.

‘Clearly his time in jail is proving to be ineffective. There is nothing funny about the impact his crime will have had on his victim.

‘As with all those successful in sport, they should be ambassadors for excellence. He was in a position where his conduct will have been admired by young lads and what impression has he given them about respect?’

Johnson, was refused permission to appeal last year. He had sought it but it had been rejected by the Court of Appeal, according to a spokesman for the Judicial Office.

During Johnson’s trial, the court heard that he had kissed and sexually touched the 15-year-old girl in his Range Rover, in a secluded spot in County Durham.

He also possessed extreme pornography. Also police found medicines indicating he may have been suffering from a sexually transmitted infections, during a search.

Judge Jonathan Rose sentenced Johnson and said that the girl had suffered ‘severe psychological harm’ from being taken advantage of by a successful celebrity she adored.