Twelve Killed In Large Apartment Fire In London On Wednesday

A fire at an apartment tower in London on Wednesday has killed at least twelve people so far, police say.

The Incident

On Wednesday, a fire at a West London apartment building, Grenfell Tower, has killed six people so far, according to local police. Over 74 people were sent to the hospital and there are still fears that there are more people trapped inside the building. Police say that the death toll will almost definitely rise.

According to London’s Fire Brigade commissioner, Dany Cotton: “In my 29 years of being a firefighter, I have never, ever seen anything of this scale.”

The fire was reported at 12:54 am, and has reportedly affected all 24 floors of the tower. Firefighters arrived at the scene within 6 minutes of the first call, with around 200 firefighters, several specialist vehicles and 40 engines reported in the area. London ambulance were called at 1.29 am.

Eyewitnesses At The Scene

Several eyewitnesses gave their accounts on what they’ve seen.

One eyewitness named Daniel, commented on seeing people jump from the blazing building:”They were trapped. They couldn’t come downstairs, especially from the top floor…people have been burned.”

“I have seen it with my own eyes. And I have seen people jump.”

A nearby neighbor, Zoe, said: “Someone started banging on my door saying there’s a fire and to get out.”

“When I got on the landing it was thick with smoke but the smoke alarms weren’t going off, which is quite scary.”

“Then I just ran down the stairs. You could see the fire is in one of the flats.”

“They were saying apparently the fire was caused by a fridge freezer, don’t know how true that it is but the way the fire spread from the fourth floor all the way up was just scary.”

“When we got downstairs we were seeing people in the building flashing their kitchen lights, bedroom lights trying to get everyone’s attention.”