Trump Goes Against Tradition By Choosing Not To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo At White House

President Trump has decided not to host a Cinco De Mayo celebration in the White House for this year, going against a tradition initiated by former president George W. Bush 16 years back.

He plans to be spending his holiday in his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club on Friday instead.

Response From Communities

“That the Cinco de Mayo reception has been kicked out of the White House and that the President will not even be attending the Plan B event at the EEOB is not the least bit surprising to us,” said the CEO and President of National Council of La Raza, Janet Murguía, in a recent statement.

“But it is a pretty on the money symbol of where Latinos stand with this administration.”

The difficult relationship between Trump and Latino communities in the US are marred by rhetoric of the anti-immigrant nature including his plan consisting of the deportation of undocumented migrants.

“True friendship, they say, must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity to be worthy of its name,” said Ambassador Gutierrez during the Cinco De Mayo event, referring to the tensions.

“May this Cinco de Mayo remind us all, as Presidents Benito Juarez and Abraham Lincoln foresaw, that strong and successful Mexico is in the interest of the United States, as much as a strong and successful United States is in the interest of Mexico.”

Former Celebrations

Former president Obama had hosted his Cinco de Mayo festivity each and every year during his presidency.

“So this holiday is an opportunity to remember how deeply Mexican-American culture is woven into the fabric of this country,” Obama stated during the 2015 celebration.

“People of Mexican heritage and their children, and their children’s children have influenced our commerce and our culture, and our language and our literature, our faith and our food. Like so many immigrant groups in this country, Mexican-Americans have kept us young and dynamic and energetic as a people.”