Sydney aquarium to unveil shark after pool-aided rescue

An unfamiliar scene was part of the rescue effort for a small, 1.5-meter-long dog after being seen on Sydney Beach.

The Shark was helped by maritime experts who gave him a sanctuary in the ocean pool. The pool is closed for swimmers.

Then he was taken to the aquarium and the staff called it “Fluffy”, who plans to get up again in the sea.
On Monday, residents of Sydney’s Manly Beach noticed that the chickens were transported to the pool on the cannons.
“Five people swim in the pool at that time and jumped very fast,” Alex Martiniuk told BBC.
“Guys had to work pretty fast and they got a sea dog in the pool and down the stairs.”

Sea chickens were sanctioned in the popular bathing venue in Sydney

The shark suffered superficial injuries, officials said.
Shark saved her from the pool.
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“Many people wonder how they entered the pool, people assume they jumped,” Martiniuk said.
Robbie McCracken from Manly Sea Life Sanctuary says the shark was in a strain.

“Your best chance of survival has to be restarted after you’ve had the opportunity to rest and recover from a difficult experience,” he told Australia Broadcasting Corp. Tuesday.