After Spikes In Radiactivity Throughout Europe, US Sends ‘Nuclear Sniffer’ Plane To Britain

A plane used by the US Air Force in order to detect radioactivity or nuclear explosions has been send to Britain due to concerns regading increased radioactivity levels throughout the continent.

The WC-135 Constant Phoenix, also known as the nuclear ‘sniffer’ plane, had been deployed towards RAF Mildenhall in the town of Suffolk in the week prior on a mission yet to be disclosed.

Possibly Russian Nuclear Testing

News surrounding the deployment of the plane comes after claims that Russia is testing nuclear weaponry, meant either for the East or the Arctic.

Air quality detecting stations throughout Europe recorded traces of Iodine-131, which is highly radioactive, throughout January and into this month, seemingly coming from eastern parts of Europe.

The increased levels of Iodine-131 led many to suggest that Putin has been testing nuclear weaponry in Novaya Zemlya, a location near the Arctic.

Organizations Rule Out Possibility

However, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation ruled against the idea that any testing took place recently.

In their statement released Monday, CTBTO stated: “If a nuclear test were to take place that releases I-131 it would also be expected to release many other radioactive isotopes.

“Thus the CTBTO measures isotopes. No other nuclear fission isotopes have been measured at elevated levels in conjunction with I-131 in Europe so far.”

The organisation operates the world’s watchdog system, and said it isn’t particularly concerned about reports of the radioactive chemical in Europe.

‘No detections above typical local historical levels have been observed,’ said the CTBTO.

The WC-135 plane’s deployment, which is meant to detect and identify nuclear blasts from the sky, and had been used after Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster in Soviet Ukraine back in 1986, adds heaviness to this argument.