Sierra Leone: Missing at least 600 in Freetown

At least 600 people are still considered missing after the landslides and floods, parts of Sierra Leone’s devastated capital, Freetown, the president’s spokeswoman told the BBC.

President Ernest Korom earlier, “strongly support” named after and said that the entire community had been deleted.
Almost 400 people were killed on Monday after a landslide in the Regent and flooded elsewhere in Freetown.
The Red Cross warned of a race against time to find survivors. Wednesday plans to release mass graves to the victims of the area in the morgue.

Wait a Disaster?

Abdulai Baraytay, the presidential spokeswoman, told the BBC that the bodies were still pulling out of the mud and waste.
“The whole community is now the most loved one still lacks pain, more than 600 people,” he said.
UN said his team was mobilized in Sierra Leone and rescue operations support.

“They will put in place plans for the potential for water, such as cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid to relieve transmission of disease outbreaks,” UN spokeswoman Stephane Dujarric said.

Households in Regent Hill municipality were taken after a portion of the Sugar Head after a heavy rain crashed on Monday. Many victims sleep in bed when disaster occurs.
President Koroma Lucho tears as he travelled Regent on Monday and said the devastation was “overwhelming”.
“They destroyed the entire community, and now urgently needed help,” he said.

He urged people from affected areas to stay away

“This great magnitude tragedy has caused unity again and helping each other to support each other,” he said.
Floods are not unusual in Sierra Leone, where insecure housing can be rescued in informal settlements by heavy rain.

The rain often affects more than one million people in areas of the Freetown Area that are crowded with the coastal city.