Sea Lions And Other Marine Creatures Are Critically Endangered By Poisonous Underwater Vegetation

The environmental state of the planet has been worsening over last century as human beings have learnt more and more to use and abuse the resources of the planet to their selfish advantage.

The planet has been ravaged and devastated by humanity to the point that a significant number of living species, plant and trees are eradicated and several others are meant to go extinct in the near future.

Scientist have been warning of the negative externalities and disasters the globe will endure in the recent decades for the human race.

Exterminating plague

Domoic acid poisoning is the latest trend of environmental threats to endanger the underwater and amphibian animal species this year, as alarmed by U.S specialized agencies in California.

An urgent call to limit and curb the spread of the plague has been specially noted for the disastrous effect it is causing on the survival of sea lions, who have been injecting the poisonous substance that is found in the underwater plant of algae.

While eating fish and other sea creatures that feed on the submarine vegetation, the sea lions have experienced fatal brain damage which has seen extreme difficulties for ocean animal rescue operations along the Pacific coast.

Scientific explanation

The vicious phenomenon has been widening its fatalities and victims to encompass some birds and dolphins, raising the risk to be transmitted to humans who consume some of these animal species.

A spokesman for the Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute explained: “The neurotoxin that the Pseudo-nitzschia algae produces can destroy the brains of sea lions until they no longer know basic survival functions, such as how to evade predators and find food. It can cause sea lions to have seizures and paralysis, while one of the key signs of this dementia is when they are seen rolling their heads repeatedly.”