Russia is set to Receive Final IOC Decision on Doping in November

The Russian Sports Federation has been plagued with Doping scandals for months and has been subject to widespread condemnation within the Sports community.

Recently the investigators at the IOC released a statement on the doping cases emanating from the Sochi Olympics it was handling.

They expressed faith that their final resolution on the findings they received from investigators will be released to public next month.

The Athletes Commission of the International Olympic Committee received a letter from the head of a delegation designated by the IOC, in relation to the 28 cases it was investigating.

The letter contained reports of the panel’s review of case files connected to the Sochi Olympics investigation.

Head of the delegation investigating the Sochi Olympics Denis Oswald, revealed that out of the 28 cases on review, priority was given to Athletes bidding to compete at the Pyeongchang Olympics next year.

6 Penalized Athletes

In the report, he said that cross-country skiers numbering six have been prioritized. The provisional suspensions placed on the prioritized six are going to elapse October 31.

Oswald also verified that his committee was going to give their judgments on the Six Athletes. However, determining their eligibility for the Pyeongchang Olympics is the sole responsibility of their Sports Federations.

The Russian Sports Federation is looking to redeem its already damaged image, through moves portraying renewed transparency in its administration.

Skeptics still believe that the Russian Sports Federation isn’t doing enough to curb sports doping. Their stance remains defiant against the illegal trend, as it fails to provide a level playing for Athletes globally.