The resignation of the Prime Minister Al-Hariri brings repercussions felt by Lebanon

The impact of the surprise resignation of Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri is continued to be felt by Lebanon. His decision to resign has been described as bad by the Free Patriotic Movement, who is one of the concerned bodies reflecting on the resignation of the prime minister.

Series of meetings were held by Dan Al-Fatwa, the highest Sunni authority of Lebanon, and statements stressing the vitality of the oneness of the Sunni sect was shared, the faction is the one that the prime minister belongs in.

The Grand Mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh AbulLatif Al-Daryan had been in a meeting at the Saudi Embassy in Lebanon, with Minister Al-Bukhari.

“More attention should be given to the events happening in the Lebanese arena, the events are worrisome and endangers the oneness of the Lebanese people” Al-Dariyan stated.

Resignation brings some daunting challenges

He emphasized that the resignation came as a shock to him and that there nothing anyone can do as regards the matter. He shared that they still support him and that the issue will be handled with care and much dialogue.

“Lebanon belongs to her people,” the man stressed, stating further: “the security and stability of people of Lebanon are the paramount interests of Saudi Arabia. That which is best for the people is what will be mandated.”

FouadSiniora, the leader of the parliamentary bloc of the Future, shared that the resignation of the now former prime minister was an alarm for the political settlement of Lebanon to get developed.

The acceptance of the political settlement was tagged as a weak step towards gaining politically.

Expert in strategy, Antoine Haddad had shared with Arab News some info, he said concerning Lebanon, that there are several responsibilities facing it, it may likely go into a war, or it may be isolated totally due to larger hindrances in the economy. More likely now as Arab countries are integral.