Queen’s Brian May Speaks About Late Pal Freddie Mercury’s Last Days

Queen‘s Brian May said that his late bandmate and pal Freddie Mercury lost most of his foot during his battle with AIDS in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Mercury passed away at his home in west London on November 24, 1991, at the age of 45 of bronchial pneumonia caused by AIDS.

Last days

In an interview with the Sunday Times, May decided to lay bare the truth about his late pal Freddie Mercury. The interviews included Mercury’s tragic foot cut and he understood the pain with which his friend had to put up.

“The problem was actually his foot, and tragically there was very little left of it. Once, he showed it to us at dinner. And he said, ‘Oh Brian, I’m sorry I’ve upset you by showing you that.’ And I said, ‘I’m not upset, Freddie, except to realise you have to put up with all this terrible pain,’” May said in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Moreover, May mentioned his bandmate Mercury’s difficult journey with AIDS and how endured pain. Then, May expresses what happened to Mercury is inevitable and that this is way life goes.

“He said, ‘I suppose you realise that I’m dealing with this illness.’ Of course, we all knew [he had AIDS], but we didn’t want to. He said, ‘You probably gather that I’m dealing with this thing and I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t want our lives to change, but that’s the situation.’ And then he would move on,” May told the Sunday Times.


Furthermore, May asserted that his pal Freddie would have been alive if drugs had arrived a few months sooner.

Then, May recalls that all the band members were aware of the high level of severity the disease had reached; however, Mercury avoided bringing up the subject of his illness.

May spoke about Mercury’s illness in his photo-based book in which he revealed information over his band, Queen in 3-D presented in photos that mark the band’s history from the 1970s till the present time.