Queen Elizabeth Visits Young Victims Of Wicked Manchester Blast

Queen Elizabeth visited young victims who were left injured after the Manchester bomber attack as she went to Manchester hospitals to see the injured people and thank doctors, nurses and members of emergency who were urged to help the youngsters,

She talked to patients at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on Thursday, where 19 casualties are receiving treatment and five in critical care.

The visit

“She (Grande) sounds very, very good, a very good singer,” the Queen responded in footage on Sky News.

“It’s dreadful. Very wicked … to target that sort of thing.”

Millie Robson,15, was injured in the concert whose was her birthday present, met the Queen. “She’s lovely, it was just … mind-blowing really. You just wouldn’t really expect it,” Robinson told Sky News of the Queen.

Upon Queen’s question, if Millie had enjoyed her time in the concert, Millie has told her royal visitor that she had enjoyed the concert and had won VIP passes and met Grande backstage.

Wicked blast 

According to NHS England, eight Northern English hospitals city kept 116 casualties injured in what the Queen called “wicked” blast after the concert on Monday evening and 23 remain in critical care.

“It’s not something you expect at all,” the Queen told Mille’s father, who was waiting at the exit of the arena before the attack.

The Queen has visited more than a young victim. However, Emily Murrell, 12, missed the royal visit as she went to undergo a surgery.

Her mother Ruth, who was also undergoing treatment in the hospital after being injured with shrapnel when the bomb blew, said her daughter would be disappointed when she knows that the Queen was in the hospital and she did not meet her royalty.

During the tour, the Queen spoke to the doctors, nurses and all the members who rushed to the save those young people’s lives since the wicked attack. The Queen also met the head of the National Health Service trust and the chief nurse and the chief executive.

“The awful thing was that everyone was so young. The age of them,” she told one member of the staff.