Qatar Files Complaint with WTA Against Arab Coalition

Qatar is said to have filed a formal charge with the World Trade Organization (WTO), directed at fighting an ongoing trade cut off by Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The legal action would register the first action in the WTO’s feud trial.

This means that the nations need to come together and strike a deal with Qatar to resolve the dispute.

If they cannot reach an agreement in 60 days, then the feud would be directed to the WTO-delegated cabinet.

Arab Imposed Boycott

Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi Arabia boycott trade with their close associate Qatar on 5 June, in a statement that they promote terrorism. They even went further insisting that the Qatari citizens should evacuate their country in 14days and restricted their own citizens from moving to or staying in Qatar.

Qatar strongly declines all accusations and has turn-down lists of regulation for the revoking of punishment oppose by their neighbours.

Egypt as well boycotts diplomatic relationship with Qatar but they did not decree a ban on its 180,000 citizens residing in Qatar. Also, Maldives, Yemen and Libya’s eastern-based authority joined the countries that sanction Qatar.

Plus, the United Arab Emirate, Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia blocked their airspace route to Qatari aircraft, and demand that foreign airlines from now on will have to ask for authorization for travelling by air to Qatar.

The oil-wealthy countries for many years now have maintained a desiring success of foreign rules with various preferences to its next-door neighbours although they were two major concern that has upset its next-door neighbours in recent times now.

One key aspect of the allegation is Qatar’s backing for the so-called Islamist fighters. However, Qatar admitted to having offered help to few groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood, but decline to help militant fighters connected to so-called Islamic State (IS) or al-Qaeda.

Another major matter is Qatar’s ties with Iran, both countries share the largest gas field in the world.