Oklahoma Police Officer Dead After Shootout

A police officer from Oklahoma died Monday after being wounded following a shootout during the evening, said police.

He was later identified as being Officer Justin Terney, only 22 years old.

Tecumseh Assistant Police Chief J.R. Kidney stated that Terney’s relatives are “devastated.”

“My department’s not doing good,” he mentioned.

Deadly Incident

The shootout followed a normal traffic stop located in Tecumseh late on Sunday evening, Kidney stated.

During the routine stop, it was reported that one passenger ran away from the vehicle. Terney then chased him using a Taser on the individual, but the person later escaped through a forest-like area an into one pasture nearby.

Later on, the police officer and his suspect “were involved in gunfire,” said Kidney.


The officer along with the suspect had later been transported to the nearby Oklahoma University Trauma Center located in Oklahoma City. Kidney stated that Terney had been wearing a standard bullet-proof vest as well as body-cam. The footage was later retrieved.

Officials as well as citizens began a blood drive to help keep the young officer alive, however he succumbed to his injuries, and was pronounced dead at 8:40am local time.

“I’ve been here about 22 years and this is our first officer-involved shooting,” Kidney stated. “We haven’t had to live through this yet.”

Prayers and hugs are “about the only things we have going for us” now.

“We’ve got officers who’ve never experienced this, never been through anything like this.”

Joining the Force

Terney became a police officer at this department last year, January of 2016, right after turning 21 years old. He hoped to become a department canine officer. “He has a small pup,” said Kidney. “He was already starting to work with his dog.”

“A very young man, just getting started in his career,” he stated.

Authorities are currently investigating.