Nine Individuals Flee The U.S. Border Patrol To Obtain Asylum in Canada in Shocking Scene

Nine immigrant asylum-seekers, which include four children, just barely entered across the U.S.’ border with Canada Friday as border patrol officers attempted to stop their pursuit, as captured by a photographer from Reuters.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers seized the individuals’ passports, as well as questioned one man sitting in the passenger seat of a cab that pulled into the border lying in Champlain, New York.

With the officers distracted, four of the adults in addition to four children escaped the taxi and ran up the Royal Canadian Mounted Police standing on the opposite side.

Events that Occurred

They each scrambled across the snow separating the two nations. The RCMP officers continued watching from the Canadian side of the border, offering their help.

They held up the people as they stumbled across the border, holding the younger kids and asking one woman, who was leaning on a fellow passenger, if she wanted medical attention.

The kids looked towards the other side of the border as a U.S. officer detained the initially arrested man, saying they would need to verify his papers

The man who was detained went to his pile of personal belongings, and carried two heavy pieces of luggage, plastic bags, and backpacks as we walked to where he was told

Refugee Response

“Nobody cares about us,” he said to journalists. He also told them that he and his family were from Sudan, and lived and worked in the state of Delaware for a couple of years.

The RCMP did not comment Friday to confirm what nationalities each of the individuals were. A photo from Reuters showed that one of the detainee’s passports was in fact of Sudanese origins.

Then the man seemed to have grabbed the passports out of the U.S. officer’s hands and then ran for the border. The officers tried o chase him but had to stop themselves at the borderline. Canadian police held onto the man’s arm when he crossed.

Border officers believed they were in the US. illegally, and that they would have proceeded to detain him.

The RCMP officers then took hold of the situation, proceeding to begin paperwork for refugee claims.