Mark Zuckerberg tells Harvard graduate that take automation tasks, and it’s up to the Millennials to create more

Mark Zuckerberg finally finished from Harvard. The establishment of the CEO of Facebook and the former president of the University 12 years ago, the University of Ivy League on the left hand side of the social network, but returned Thursday to collect an honorary doctorate of rights and some wisdom in the class of 2017 fall.

In a statement prepared for the Washington Post before speech, Zuckerberg said his latest graduate apple mater is important, ambitious at the address of “public works”, gathering masses of people for the overall benefit of the company’s projects. He stressed that many – including some technologies developed on Facebook, change the world and new challenges.

“They are at a time when the financial statements are important if this is important,” Zuckerberg said in his remarks. “When our parents graduated, it was the reason for their work, their churches, their communities, but today technology and automation eliminate many affairs that membership in communities’ drops. Many people feel isolated and depressed and are trying to fill the void. ”

Zuckerberg, 33, is the youngest speaker on Harvard to deliver to a Facebook person – the fact he wanted to stand out from the crowd. “We’ve gone this garden for less than ten years, we have a separate study, the same ideas, and I’ve been hanging out at the same conference,” he said. “We have different paths here, but today I want to share what I’ve learned about our generation and the world we are building together.”

Some of the observations of the Zuckerberg Eater manifesto were released earlier this year, describing how Facebook’s mission was to establish a “social infrastructure” for the world. But the central topic of speech was to invite Zuckerberg’s young people to create a world in which “everyone has a sense of” looking over their own needs.

“I’m not here to give you a standard start to find its purpose,” said the speaker: “We do it instinctively. Intentaremos, I’m here to say your goal is not to find” T enough. ”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Harvard center welcome mature students at Harvard while at the beginning of the year at Harvard University through the Harvard Yard process though going on Thursday, May 25, 2017 (Cambridge, Massachusetts Steven Senne / AP)

Taking into account that the company is likely to in the next few years “through automation, such as self-driving cars and trucks replaced tens of millions of jobs” see, Zuckerberg has called young people to work large projects Of public works with jobs to start. Although he did not specify what projects should be, or that in the hands like Facebook, the company can play on them, according to some examples above.

Zuckerberg pointed out that previous generations have their own “working definition” – the Hoover Dam, the space program, the fight against polio – were dressed and chewed America’s civic pride. Based on global problems such as climate change and pandemics, Zuckerberg is said to be thousands of years old, including myself, to understand the world as a citizen and not as belonging to any nation state.

“In order to advance in our society, we have a generational challenge – not only to create new jobs, but to create a new understanding of purpose,” he said. “Let us do great things, not only to create progress, but to create a purpose.”