ISIS attacks TV station, kills 6

Islamic state militants has declared that it was responsible for an assault on the TV house in the east part of the Afghan nation which killed no less than half a dozen persons.

Defence personnel mobilized to the media house located in Jalarbad were engaged in a lengthy armed duel with the insurgents.

Members of staff of the media house and policemen counted among the casualties, Nangahar’s regional leader’s aide Ayatoulah Khougyani declared.
Out of the insurgents, 4 of them were executed, not excluding a suicidal bomb carrier, his spokesperson declared. Another insurgent was equally apprehended.
Islamic State took credit for the assault in a communiqué passed on a short communication application called Telegrams hosted by the terror-linked group Amarq. We couldn’t find out by independent means, as to whether these claims were authentic.
No less than nineteen persons sustained injuries during the act of terror, counting in 7 persons who received medical treatment from a clinic prior to their release, as the regional medical service coordinator, Naijibullah Karmawal revealed.

The blast blew up around the region where the attack took place subsequent to the entrance into the compound by terrorists. Video feeds from the event revealed individuals fleeing at a horrified pace amidst continuous hail of gunshots which echoed out.
An emergency unit responded when they received a call into the area, prompting a room-to-room search of the compound.

Latest assaults

Non-military persons are repeatedly the targets of these insurgents in the afghan nation during assaults with firearms and explosives.
Three months ago, a group comprising of supply van driver alongside other relief workers and officials were en route to the Jawizjan region to deliver goods for animals when anonymous gunmen staged an attack on their convoy, ICRC confirmed.

In January, prior to that particular incident, scores of people were executed a during bouts of assaults with Afghanistan ,not excluding two suicide killings nearby the nations house of congress in its capital, a bomb blast around the Kanidahar region administrative building, as well as an explosion within Heliman region.
Around the middle of last year, a spate of violence caused the death of over a dozen persons counting undergraduates as well as employees of the capital’s prestigious international college.

Overall, over three thousand non-combative individuals have lost their lives as well over seven thousand who had sustained injuries last year in that country based on reports from the United Nations AM in the region. These figures remain the biggest tally ever logged in from the time when the United Nations started compiling data on the afghan nation.