“The Interview” Update: North Korea Calls Obama “a monkey”, Blames United States for Internet Blackout!

The fight over the release of “The Interview” has taken an ugly turn, with the repressive regime in North Korea hurling racist remarks against the President of the United States. While blaming the United States for the internet blackout in its country, North Korea has called President Obama “a monkey”. The Asian country has also implicitly denied any hand in the attack on Sony. But at the same time, it has expressed its displeasure over the controversial film that depicts the assassination of Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the country.

Much drama surrounding the release of “The Interview”!

The release of the controversial movie starring James Franco and Seth Rogen attracted great attention even before its release. Because of its contentious content, Sony Pictures was hacked by a group of cyber terrorists. This was followed by threats of 9/11 like attacks on movie theaters and viewers if the film was released. Referring to threats of terrorist attacks,Sony Pictures had at first called off the nation wide release of the film. Upon being criticized by the President and the entire film fraternity, Sony eventually decided to go ahead with its Christmas Day release, albeit in only three hundred theaters and through video on demand.

North Korea’s hurls crude insults against the President of the United States!

Blaming the US President for the release of the movie, the National Defense Commission headed by Kim Jong Un, described the comedy as not only illegal butdeceitful and reactionary. In the statement that was released through the Korean Central News Agency, the official media mouthpiece of the government, the commission declared, “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,”While not coming out with an immediate reply to the remarks, the US administration has also refused to comment on whether it was behind the blackout.