Ghanaian woman trying to walk into Canada dies of hypothermia

On Tuesday, the U.S Police said that a Ghanian woman trying to trek into Canada died and the body was seen close to the Manitoba border. According to the Kittson County Sheriff, the woman’s body found on Friday at a place across the border town of Canada, Emerson was as a result of the crossing of asylum seekers which have been rampant in the last few months.

According to Sheriff’s Office, the County sheriff in collaboration with the border patrol of the U.S had been on the search for a woman who got missing – this was an outcome of a call received the previous day. An initial autopsy reveals that the woman died because of hypothermia.

In a statement by the Police, the 57-year old woman, Mavis Otuteye died as she was attempting to get to Canada. However, the police failed to disclose any information about who complained the incident.

Illegal movement into the U.S

It is clear that Canada has experienced a surge in the number of people trying to enter illegally. Since January, over 2,000 individuals have gained access across the border of the U.S illegally through unwatched fields and ditches. Several people have found their ways through the Quebec and Manitoba provinces.

According to most of those individuals who entered the United States illegally, they have been living a normal and legal life since they came in, but found their way out because of the President Trump’s immigration policy.