Elderly Woman Discovered Stuck In A Chair Since Last July, Rescuers Were Forced To Wear Hazmat Suits

Neighbors in the Springfield Township, Ohio state neighborhood were not aware that there was a resident living in terrible conditions until after emergency vehicles sped down their usually quiet street.

Witnesses say the foul smell of excrement and filth reached up to the sidewalk once first responders began to attempt to rescue the 550-pound senior from a chair in her living on Thursday evening.

The Woman and Her Horrifying Condition

Barbara Foster, 75 years old, was sitting in the chair since July of last year. Enough time had passed for her skin to begin to mold into the chair, and her body weaken, said the report from the Lucas County Sheriff Office.

Crews were required to wear protective suits due to the unsanitary conditions inside the home, said Rick Helminski, the Assistant Fire Chief.

“I was also advised that Barbara was so physically weak that bones in her body were breaking when EMS was attempting to carry her out of the house,” his report noted.


Foster was then brought to the nearby Medical Center of the University of Toledo, which is the previous Medical College of the Ohio hospital.

A spokesman for the hospital said Friday that there was no further information available for any patient with that name.

On Friday, a sign was posted onto Foster’s home, declaring it unfit for human habitation, after officials from the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department visited the building.

History and Authority Response

Investigators believe that Foster had moved into the neighbourhood from Arizona, having previously taught at public schools in Toledo.

The Area Office of Aging did not previously contact foster, but had called her awful situation “extreme.”

“The hope is not to have something get to this extreme. We don’t want this to be the norm,” Pam Wilson, the AOA’s long-term care senior vice president said. “That’s why we’re here. We’re here to link people up with help.”

“To see somebody not be connected just kind of breaks your heart,” she added.

Neighbors claimed they did not meet Foster before, but that there had been a church volunteer regularly visiting her home.

Detectives have begun reviewing the situation in case of a potential crime.