Desmond Carrington from BBC Dies at 90

Desmond Carrington, the famous presenter of BBC Radio 2 has died at 90 years old.

Dave Aylott, the radio presenter’s producer stated that Carrington had been fighting cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease for quite some time, but nonetheless had died a peaceful death.

Carrington had first began his career which lasted for some 70 years back in 1945, which came after the age of 16 when he decided on becoming a professional actor.

The famous broadcaster had achieved more fame after an evening show that aired every week called ‘The Music Goes Around.’

The show was first aired back in 1981 and continued until Carrington had finally retired last October, 2016.

Time to Settle Down

Carrington decided to resign last year from the popular show due to health related reasons. In the radio presenter’s final announcement on the matter he stated that he hadn’t been at a healthy physical state after he turned 90.

The show host then added that it is difficult in his state to continue on in his career, and that “enough is enough.”

Carrington then ended his statement by saying that a record of 70 years on the air doesn’t seem too bad of a record at all, and it is time that a young and fresh radio host enters the scene to replace him.

More Time for Cat

After Carrington had submitted his resignation, he expressed the delight of being able to finally have more time that he can spend with his cat that he called ‘Golden-Paws.’

The radio host had first began his radio career back in 1946 when he was a part of BBC’s Drams Repertory Company.

During this time Carrington had also served as an independent producer for the BBC along with Radio Luxembourg.

Besides his career as a radio host, Carrington had also performed in several stage and television shows, along with numerous short films as well.