As death toll increases more relief and aids are rushed to Madagascar by Israel

Following the outbreak of severe attack on Madagascar, Israel has commenced the release of emergency aids to the African Island. The attack which is a case of Black Death plague has claimed a lot of lives since it came.

Forces have been combined by the Magen David Adom, South African branch and the Ministry responsible for Foreign Affairs to provide needed assistance and aid to the suffering state. All generated relief materials and aids will be handed over to the international Red Cross domiciled in Madagascar.

The Death Plague had ravaged the island since August this year, and the attack is severe a lot because it is airborne, and it has been observed in this past week that the case has amplified beyond 7 percent, alone.

WHO, The World Health Organization of the world in a statement has described the outbreak as being severe in a very unusual way as nearly 150 people have been killed with way over 2000 infected by the plague.

Ayellet Black, who serves as assistant Ambassador to South Africa, shared expectations of the relief packs being given to Madagascar via the International Red Cross in the coming days.

Outside the African Island that has managed to contain the plague, close to ten other countries that are near Madagascar have been marked by the Health Organisation to be geared and prepared in anticipation of the plague.

World Bank releases aid funds

The plague has been observed as to having a seasonal rise which is said to happen yearly from between April and September. Nonetheless, this season of the plague has surfaced much earlier than what the people expected, and in its wake, more areas have been affected, with the capital city not being an exception.

Released by the world bank for the cause of controlling the outbreak is over 4 million dollars, given to Madagascar to improve its management of the condition.