Croydon Car Crashes Into Group of Teenagers, Kills One Girl

On Sunday, an Audi car crashed into a group of teenagers in South London, killing one 16-year-old girl.

The Incident

Early on Sunday in South London, an Audi Car crashed into seven teenagers, killing one 16-year-old girl. According to the local police, there is still an ongoing search for the suspected driver, who was driving a “red A3 convertible Audi.” He reportedly lost control near a street corner and ended up hitting the pedestrians. He then apparently ran away by foot.

The police and the paramedics were called onto the scene at 1:30am local time. The girl was pronounced to be dead upon their arrival.  According to a spokesman for the Metropolitan police, the six other victims did not suffer life-threatening injuries, but were rushed to the hospital for treatment. He mentioned that this was believed to be an accident and nothing deliberate nor of terrorist-nature.

A man around 30 years old was later arrested by police “on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.”

Comments From Witnesses

A nearby resident who asked to remain anonymous, said: “I was reading my book in bed when I heard lots of teenagers making loads of noise walking up the road. I think they were walking up from The Forum. There was lots of noise and people wandering down the road.”

“They must have been walking in the middle of the road because the pavement is so high up the bank. I heard a car racing down the street and then horrified screams and a horrific bang.”

She said she heard a woman and a man “screaming and shouting at each other” for about 25 minutes right after the accident.

She suggested that the screaming could have been between the driver and one of the pedestrians, and that maybe if he hadn’t run away “they would have killed him.”

She added: “We do get boy racers driving round here all the time. Then there are lots of very angry arguments. It sounded like one boy was screaming at the top of his voice for about 25 minutes. One boy and one girl were just rowing with each other. I think the guy would’ve had to run away, otherwise they would have killed him.”