Canadian teacher killed in murder-suicide – New Mexico Police

According to the New Mexico State Police, a Canadian teacher and her husband found dead in a truck was involved in a murder-suicide. The teacher, Ursula Tammy Kokotkiewicz aged 32 years and her husband, Jacob Kokotkiewicz, 31 were seen dead with wounds from gunshots in their heads. The couples were found last Thursday a little distance away from Albuquerque.

Police investigates the cause of their death

Carl Christiansen of the New Mexico police, in a statement, told the Toronto Sun that the male suspect was seated in the driver seat while the female had her position in the passenger seat. The police saw the male suspect with a handgun of 9mm between his legs.

Christiansen added that Police didn’t see any other evidence, and no other person was involved in the cause of their death. However, the motive for the killing is not clear, but the cell phones present at the scene were being suspected as the possible cause of the killing.

Kokotkiewicz post indicates that she attended the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and the University of Toronto. A report by the Dallas Morning News has it that she has been a teacher in the city north, while her husband served in the U.S Army. Social media has never ceased to be flooded with tributes since the news was unveiled. While some couldn’t believe their death, others expressed shock and reminisce the times spent with her. On the face of it, the investigation by the New Mexico police continues.