Barcelona Midfielder Arda Turan Suspended From Playing Due To Verbally And Physically Assaulting A Reporter

Arda Turan purportedly will not participate in the World Cup if Turkey’s national football team made it to Russia 2018, the Associated Press reports.

The Physical And Verbal Assault

Turan said he was done with international competition just one day after he was suspended from the national team for verbally and physically wronged 62-year-old Bilal Meşe, a reporter who was accompanying the team.

Turkish paper Milliyet’s Bilal Meşe was accosted by Turan after the Turkish team played a friendly match in Macedonia, reminding him of a report Meşe wrote months ago about a claimed pay dispute of last summer’s European championships, according to Hurriyet and other reports.

“Tell me Bilal Meşe, were you there? Were you with us when you wrote about the bonuses issue? Who did I ask for money from? Who did ask I for bonuses from? Talk. Come on. Who made you write those reports?” Turan yelled at Meşe, Hurriyet reports.

No Reaction Reported

Meşe’s reaction was not reported after the series of the insults thrown at him by Turan who labelled Meşe as shameless.

“What kind of a country is this? They allow you onto this plane. [Screw] those who allowed you onto this plane.” Turan reportedly continued against Meşe.

“You thought I was like the others. Who did I beg for money from? You son of a b—-. I’d quit football before allowing anyone to say anything against my honor, my family.” he added (via Hurriyet), before insinuating Meşe’s reporting was directly influenced by TTF President Yıldırım Demirören.

“Your boss is Demirören.” Turan reportedly shouted. “You are from the newspaper of the TFF president!”

The Turkish national team have not commented on or hinted at the incident on social media or website.