American Airstrikes Hit Syrian Grain Silos In A Effort to Defeat ISIS

Civilians Killed During the Airstrikes

The American airstrikes in Syria had its first setback on Monday when a grain silo was hit by the airstrikes in the eastern and northern Syria in an effort to flush out the Islamic State from the region. The attack led to the death of civilians and several militants were injured. As the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, the silos and storage may have been mistaken as a hideout of the ISIS by the Americans and therefore they attacked the targets in Manbij. Washington refused to comment on the incident. Since the last month and week, airstrikes are being constantly conducted in Iraq and Syria respectively. They aim to destroy the ISIS base and hideouts and also to cut off supply lines. However, the latest strike has claimed more civilians and less militants of the ISIS which is said to be a direct off shoot of the al Qaeda in the Middle East.

Number of Casualties Has Not Been Confirmed

Rami Abdulrahman of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also said that the workers of the silos who were killed used to provide food for the other civilians. Of course the number of casualties is not clear and the veracity of the claims cannot be confirmed as well. Manbij is situated between the Aleppo city and the Kobani. It is predominantly inhabited by the Kurds and the Islamic State has been trying to claim the city from the Kurds and declare it as their own. Strikes were conducted in Aleppo province and barrel bombs and other projectiles were used. Army strikes were carried out in Hamas. Loyal forces of President Bashar al-Assad have been waging a battle with the ISIS for a long time.

Gas Plants and Oil Facilities Also Targeted In the Airstrikes

Other than the grain silos, an Islamic State controlled gas plant was bombed by the American in eastern Syria. This happened outside the Deir al-Zor city. A number of militants were injured in this airstrike. The main targets of the Americans are the oil facilities so that the ISIS cannot access any funds or revenue by selling the oil. The Kuniko gas plant was bombed as well and this plant feeds a power station in Homs that provides several provinces with electricity and powers oil fields generators. Hasaka city and outskirts of Raqqa were hit by the bombing as well.