Alaska Couple Commit Suicide By Crashing Plane

Cecilia Matter (63) was dying of cancer and didn’t have much longer to live. Husband 62-year old Mark Matter couldn’t bear to live without her and so investigators say that the couple committed suicide with their plane.

The children after the initial shock of their parent’s deaths saw the silver lining. Their parents were together in live and death. Everyone who knew the couple said that they were “inseparable.”

Thought To Be Accident

Originally thought to be an accident, the final accident report conducted and released by the National Transportation Safety Board stated that the most likely cause for the crash was “the pilot’s intentional flight of the airplane into terrain in an act of suicide,” which of course then led to the deaths of the couple.

On December 15 2016, the couple flew out on their private place, a 1949 Piper PA – 11 airplane. They flew 40 miles south of their home in Aniak, which wasn’t far from the intended location, the couple’s gold mine. The craft was crashed into the Marvel Dome. As it was Mark who was flying the plane, it was stated in the report that Cecilia’s death is considered manslaughter.

It is unclear yet if the couple had life insurance and what this could mean for the heirs if it invalidates the insurance policy.

“Clear Skies”

Investigators say that there were “clear skies” at the time of the crash and they had not found any evidence that there were mechanical issues in the aircraft, based on their investigation of the wreckage.

There was no evidence that the couple had shared their intentions or plans with anyone else. “Dad couldn’t function without Mom,” said one of their daughters, “He couldn’t fix himself meals or anything.”

She added that their mother Cecilia Matter “was the lifeline of the family.”