Can Turkey and Russia Find Cease Fire for Syria?

Turkish and Russian officials met on Thursday to have talks on the worsening conditions in eastern Aleppo, but gave no indication they were close to a cease-fire as Syrian government forces pushed deep the beleaguered rebel controlled fort.

Turkey and Russia are backing opposing sides in the Syrian conflict, only said they agreed on the need for a cease-fire. The Syrian people are hoping for some form of humanitarian assistance, in order for them to survive. The besieged enclave is home to an estimated 275,000 people.

On Thursday, U.N. Humanitarian aid supervisor, Jan Egeland said that almost twenty seven thousand people have abandoned their since last Saturday. Most came from eastern and western Aleppo along with nearby Kurdish-held areas.

“We are in agreement that a cease-fire is needed so that the tragedy can come to an end,” said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlet Cavusoglu, speaking alongside his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, at a resort in Turkey.

Lavrov said his country will continue its support for the Syrian government until Aleppo is “cleared of terrorists.”

In Aleppo, the devastating conflict had killed hundreds of people, and tens of thousands, mostly women and children, have been displaced from their homes in rebel-held provinces since last week.

Ankara and Moscow remain at odds over the conflict in Syria, where Russia is supporting President Bashar Assad, and Turkey supports the rebel factions that are fighting to topple the Syrian leader.

“We are hoping for some efforts to save the remaining people of Aleppo,” said Yasser al-Yousef, a spokesman for the opposition group Nour el-Din el-Zinki. Al-Yousef said representatives of various rebel factions were in consultation with Turkish officials, who are in turn talking with the Russians.

He also added that there are no United States of America role in the ongoing consultations.


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