30 Dead And 28 Assumed To Be After Large Fire In Grenfell Tower

A large fire in Grenfell tower rendered 58 people in the block missing and assumed to be dead during the disaster. 30 people are confirmed dead while 28 more are assumed to be.

The News

“Sadly at this time, there are 58 people who we have been told were in Grenfell Tower on the night that are missing and therefore sadly I have to assume that they are dead.” said Stuart Cundy the Police Commander.

He also clarified that there are still other victims who were believed to be at the block with no clue of their fate. And also noted that identifying those who have died in the blaze requires weeks of diagnoses.

And during this period further investigations will take place.

Confirmed Victim

There is also some news that a Syrian refugee ‘Mohamed Alhajali’ who lived in the block is confirmed as the first identified victim by his brother.

Theresa May’s Statement

The Prime Minister Theresa May stated that she met some of the victims in person in order to hear their concerns. and to make them sure that the government will compensate them for the damages.

As 5 million euros was distributed as emergency fund to people who have lost everything but the cloth they are wearing. in order for them to buy the essentials that supports them during the disaster and there is more to be distributed if the stated funds weren’t sufficient.

NHS London will provide long term support for those who lost their loved ones. and Red Cross is providing immediate physiological support.

Also, Residents wanted to know when will their new homes be provided. Accordingly, a deadline of 3 weeks was defined to house all of the affected by the disaster.

Consequently, she has ordered councils to perform emerging security checks for all buildings similar to high rise blocks to Grenfell Tower for the safety of their residences.