2 Transgender New Orleans Women Murdered Within 48 Hours of Each Other

Two transgender women were killed within 48 hours of each other in New Orleans which left the city’s he Transgender community in shock and anger.

On Saturday night, Chyna Gibson was gunned down, while on Monday morning, another woman was found stabbed to death.

Police said that the two crimes seem to be unrelated and no arrest have been made in either up till now.

Daphanie Dupree, a transgender activist, said that the situation was scary because it’s too close to home, “it could happen to any of us but I’m like — we hang in the same circles, we hang in the same area just like it happened to them it could happen to me,” she added.

Increase in violence against the transgender community

Police Cmdr. Doug Eckert gave a media conference and said that two murders in as many days indicated an increase in violence against transgender people in the Louisiana city. “One is too many, and that’s how we feel,” Eckert continued.

Eckert added that there were no indications showing that the stabbing was a hate crime. However, if they learn that it’s indeed a hate crime, they’ll pursue charges.

During the briefing on Wednesday, Eckert didn’t name the victim, but stated that she was a transgender woman. Police said they’re seeking to speak to the owner of a two-door black Chevrolet Camaro.

This latest murder means that in Louisiana, three transgender women were killed within one week. The third woman was killed from a gunshot wound in Monroe on 19th of February.

Record breaking murders

In the first two months of the year, The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs said it had responded to seven reported killings of transgender women of color in the United State.

It said in a statement: “As a society we can stop this epidemic by hiring trans women of color, making sure they have safe places to live and standing up when we see or hear them being demeaned and attacked and simply by valuing their lives,” .

According to the Anti-Violence Project, the other four killings had been in Chicago, Canton in Mississippi, Sioux Falls in South Dakota and Toledo in Ohio.

More than any other, last year 27 transgender people were reported murdered, as per GLAAD and other advocacy groups.

Sue Yacka who works with the New York City Anti-Violence Project said that he National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs responded to the murders of 23 transgender and gender nonconforming people in 2016, which is the highest number ever recorded.