Wildfire Death Toll now 13 in Tennessee

Authorities have confirmed that no fewer than thirteen people have died from the devastating wildfire which took over Eastern Tennessee resort towns in the early days of this week.

Not less than 85 people in total were rushed due to the fire-related injuries that they sustained to the hospital. Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters said that a lot of individuals from these 85 have however been released.

Out of the 13 that were killed by the fire, authorities has released the name of five of them some of who are Summers Jon with his wife, Tegler and his wife, Memphis, and Janet.  Authorities claim that May Vance who is 75 years old of Gatlinburg died from a heart attack in an attempt to get away from the fire. Local NBC affiliate has compiled a list of people who have been reported to be missing.

All though about 90% of the area affected by the fire has been searched by late Friday, there has however been fears of more bodies being found as confirmed by Waters.

Waters said that he will like everyone to know and understand that the search is not yet over, as they will proceed to intensify their search further.

People asked questions about how efficient the warning system was at the press conference which was held on Friday, although a lot of the questions were not attended to.

Emergency management director said that by 9:04 pm on Monday, text messages of immediate evacuation had been sent to all the cell phones in the affected area. While some people claimed not to receive such text, others said it was just too late.

Mathews expressed his dissatisfaction at the non-recipient of the text message, stressing that it could have been due to the power outage or the blockage of the cell tower.

During a press conference on Tuesday evening, Governor Bill Haslam said that this particular fire incident is the largest in the state in the last 100 years. The fire razed almost 20 000 acres and leaving thousands of homes and businesses destroyed.