I Want To Create My Own Legacy – Romelu Lukaku

New Manchester United striker, Romelu Lukaku, has revealed that he wants to create his own legacy at the club.

Lukaku, 24, made the move to Manchester United this summer for 75 million pounds after 25 goal haul for Everton last season in the Premier League.

Youngest 80 Goal Margin Record Goal Scorer

He is also the first player from a foreign country to hit 80 goal mark before the age of 24. But in spite of his great achievement in the league thus far, he stated he is not a complete player yet.

“I still have a lot of work to do and I’m happy because it means I have to work harder to be better than my current state.”

Jose Mourinho who sold Lukaku during his time at Chelsea stated that there is no way he could compare both Lukaku and Didier Drogba who scored a record 157 goals in just 341 appearances for the blues and won 3 Premier League titles and the UEFA Champions League.

No Comparison With Drogba

“I cannot compare both of them because it is really not my style. Drogba has made history while Lukaku is on the verge of doing the same.” He said.

Lukaku, however, stated that there is no comparison between him and Drogba.

“He is more of hold up player like a target man. I love to run with the ball and have a goal at defenders”

“I’m Lukaku and I am going to create my own legacy.”

Mourinho made me move

He further revealed that he made his decision to move to Manchester United after having a conversation with Jose Mourinho.

He is a unique manager who believes in me and I believe in what he s trying to achieve at the club.