Sofia Coppola: 2nd Woman To Win Best Director At Cannes Film Festival

Sofia Coppola became the second woman to win the best director award at Cannes Film Festival while Ruben Ostlund’s Swedish satire The Square won Palme d’Or award on Sunday.

Coppola won best director for The Beguiled, her re-creation of Don Siegel’s 1971 Civil War film. It narrates the story of a Union soldier hiding out in a Southern girls’ school.

The Beguiled is considered as Coppola’s most feminist work. The remake thriller stars Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst with Colin Farrell playing the injured soldier.

Coppola was one of three woman filmmakers out of 19 racing for the Palme this year. The first and, so far, only female winner of the best director prize was Soviet director Yuliya Ippolitovna Solntseva in 1961.

Diane Kruger won best actress and Joaquin Phoenix best actor in the 70th anniversary for the legendary festival.

The Square: Palme d’Or award

The Swedish dierctor was thrilled to win the Palme d’Or award. He stood on stage and said “Oh my god! OK.”

It is such a rare and surprising news for a comedy to win such an award.

The Square features Claes Bang who is a museum director whose life start to unravel after a sequel of events that troubled his, and the museum’s, balance.

Art Installation

The movie’s title comes from an art installation that Bang’s character is prepping, which calls for anyone who go in a small square to be kind, caring and generous

The Cannes jury president, Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, admired the film for revealing the “dictatorship” of political correctness and everyone who is trapped by it

“They live in a kind of hell because of that,” Almodovar said.

“It’s clever. It’s witty. It’s funny. It deals with questions so important,” another member of the jury, French actress and filmmaker Agnes Jaoui said.