Serena Finall Claps Back At Tennis Legend

John McEnroe is not backing down from his claim that men are naturally stronger than women in tennis as he is calling for a clash between both sexes to validate his claim.

John McEnroe, a 7 time grand slam winner, posited that Serena Williams will not be one of the world’s best players if she played in the men’s circuit.
Serena Williams who has won the Grand Slam 23 times took to Twitter to respond to the jab asking McEnroe to “respect me and my privacy”.

Serena Williams is one of the most successful players in the female category and in April she made it known that she was pregnant shortly after winning another Grand Slam.
Williams wrote on Twitter :”Dear John, adoring and respecting you, please put me out of your non factually based statements, please.”

“I have not played against anyone that is ranked that low and I don’t have that time to do so. Please show some courtesy and respect me and my family because I’m trying to focus on my baby. Have a nice day sir.”
Serena is expected to get back on court in January 2018.

Battle Of The Sexes

There have been games between women and men in Tennis in the past, the most popular being the game between Billie Jean King against Bobby Riggs in 1973.
Bobby Riggs was of the opinion that he could defeat any female player even at the age of 55. Billy Jean Kinds refused to play against Riggs. The world number one female played in the game instead and lost to Riggs 6-2 6-1.
It seems like John McEnroe is looking to bring back another battle of the sexes although it is very likely that Serena will not be taken part in this “battle”.