Sabrett hot dogs retracted over bones and cartilages

Tons of Sabrett hot dogs and sausages and other similar foods marketed under other trendy brand names have been withdrawn after some customers reported seeing small cartilages and bones in some of the foods – this was disclosed on Saturday by the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.

The FSIS said that one of the consumers reported sustaining a little mouth injury in the mouth after consuming the food.

Marathon Enterprises Inc. recalls millions of pounds of product

Marathon Enterprises Inc. which is Sabrett’s parent company in New York is retracting over 7.1 million pounds of sausages and salami, pork and beef hot dogs. According to Sabrett, the recall kicked off following the customers’ report of seeing bone and cartilage in these commodities.

A message published on Sabrett’s website indicates that the firm’s stall quickly checked and spotted the cause of the issue, and installed the apt equipment to put an end to such. The retract spreads over products with sell-by or use-by dates that fall between 19th of June and 6th October.

Hot dogs and sausages recalled

The following brands have some of its hot dogs and sausages recalled:
• Papaya King
• Stew Leonard’s
• 1906 Premium
• Sabrett
• Western Beef
Likewise, the recall by the parent company covers salami and hot dogs sold to food services and restaurants under Nathan’s Private Label, Sabrett, and Katz’s Delicatessen Labels. You can get the full list of foods recalled on the FSIS website.

Company tenders apology

The firm rendered an apology for all the inconvenience such incident must have caused its clients. It further said that it’s working with the USDA to keep its customers informed about the recalled products, and added that such products are no more available in stores.

The company also released a number with which you can call Sabrett. If you have any questions about the products retract, you can reach out to Sabrett at 1-800-722-7388 during the weekdays.

Sabrett said that several retail chains in Washington, DC, and other 21 states sell its products, but its presence is highly manifested in the northeast. People who visit or live in Manhattan are often familiar with Sabrett brand because many vendors sell hot dogs under Sabrett umbrellas.

Sabrett said that many arenas, convention centers, and events across the country market their products.