Put an end to the war on charter schools

As the new school season begins so also will the New York City’s charter fight ensue once again. The biggest causalities in this fight are without doubt going to be the school children. At present, both sides are getting ready to fight with all their might over the ceiling by the state on the number of charter schools during the legislative session this fall.

The present charter school scenario

It was last spring when the supporters of charter schools had managed to win over the state legislators to their argument and as a result, the lawmakers came out with the mandate that New York City’s authorities should offer charter schools all over the city with free of cost amenities or with rental fee if they are not able to provide these schools with public space. The opponents of the charter schools have chosen to strike back at a time when the Mayor of New York has hinted that he plans to employ his power to provide more facilities to charter schools of his choosing in order to promote school practices of his liking.

The strategy that the supporters can employ

Supporters, on the other hand, have decided to come together and participate in a rally called forth by the Families for Excellent Schools, a pro-charter group. The purpose of the march which the group’s has made known through its social media promotion is that of the demand for exceptional schools for each and every child. But if one goes by the actions of the group, the chief strategy that they can employ to achieve their goal is that of pushing for a rapid extension of charter schools.  Even though this is a good plan for taking on the detractors of the charter, the outcome for the children would not be good and will only end up educating a small number of the children.

Charter schools are innovative instances

Both the policymakers and advocates need to put a stop to the fighting and come together. The issue that they need to tackle as a one big unit is that of whether there is a need for more charter schools and in what way can the charter school plan be replicated in order to improve the city’s other public schools. No matter what opponents and supporters choose to do, charter schools cannot be wished away easily. One can used them as a starting place for all innovation in the field of education.

Since these schools are in fact public schools that are being funded with taxpayers’ hard-earned money, it is imperative that one should make the most of the return on these public investments. The only way to do this is by encouraging greater collaboration between district and charter schools while taking the experiment to other public schools.