Plans for funds for Hurricane Harvey revealed by J.J Watt

J.J Watt exceeded his original goal of $200,000 to raise over $30 million for
Hurricane Harvey relief from over 100,000 donors.
He made public on Thursday how the realized money would be administered
to persons in need. In his statement, a cumulative of $31,500,000 will be
spread among four significant partners. The partners include: Feeding America,
Americares, Save the Children and SBP for the coming 18 through 24 months.
The money is to be used in the reconstruction of homes, provision of food and
address health needs of all affected.
The money left which less than $10 million is to be used next year as more
assessment of the condition continues.

J.J Watt shares his gratitude

Over 70 people lost their lives, and the homes of thousands were destroyed
leaving them homeless in the wake of the Hurricane. Among donors to the
victims of the hurricane were the NFL teams and the NFL Foundation.
‘My heart is deeply grateful to everyone who donated and supported to
provide relief for the victims from all around the world, in their various
capacities,' Watt shared concerning the raising of the funds. ‘it has been clearly
shown that anything can be possible if we set our hearts to achieving it.’