Parents Of Brooklyn District Try To Get Their Children Into Prekindergarten Schools.

The Brooklyn District has recently added 100 more seats to its kitty of prekindergarten seats and the parents are anxiously going up to see if they can secure a seat for their child in this school year. Last Tuesday, the worried and harried parents and guardians trooped into Public School 10’s auditorium in South Slope to secure a seat. There were 90 names already registered for the 126 seats.

As Anita Skop, who is the district Superintendent said, “There is no doubt in my mind we will fill these seats,” “Then I think that’s pretty much it.” The newly added seats will be accommodated in Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School. The school has closed down now and will house the prekindergarten infants. However the news of the seats was received quite suddenly by the parents.

As Brennan Burkhart, a parent said, “We got a randomly forwarded email late last night from a friend who happens to work at the school,” “Fortunately, we were able to make it work, but this is a rare morning when we could be flexible.” He also said that his daughter Audrey is in the waiting list in another kindergarten and she also attends for the last 2 year a private preschool. The second option is in case the government one does not work out.

However for another parent, Halyna Kushyk, private preschools, where costs can run up to thousands of dollars per year is not at all an option. Her daughter Alexandra will have to go to a Russian day care if she does not make the cut into the government ones. As the mother said, “I have no choice,” “I’m working.”