Was Ohio knife attack an act of terrorism?

Police are investigating whether an attack at the Ohio State Universtiy could have been an act of terrorism. An 18-year-old student went on the rampage, injuring 11 people with a car and then a butcher’s knife.

The Somali refugee is alleged to have deliberately driven across a curb and ploughing into a number of pedestrians on a sidewalk, before he took out a knife and stabbed several people.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, is a Somali national and legal permanent resident of America. Witnesses said that he looked crazed and insane during the incident. The suspect was killed by Alan Hurujko, 28, a police officer who was on the scene within a minute of receiving an emergency call.

Craig Stone, who heads up the university’s police department said he had eliminated the threat. Meanwhile, the chief of the Columbus, Ohio police department said officers were now examining whether the assault could have been terrorist related.

Run, hide, fight

Thankfully, none of the injuries are said to be life threatening, although one victim was, at first, said to be in hospital in what was described as a critical condition. The attack immediately led to widespread panic on the university campus, with officials tweeting that students should “run, hide, fight,”

Students fled the scene as gunshots were heard, while some used furniture to block doors and windows and barricade themselves inside their classrooms. At first, there were reports that there was a second suspect who was still on the campus. However, police later announced that the suspect had a knife and gunshots heard were those of officers. It is now known that he was acting alone.

The incident led to terror coming after a number of terror attacks across the world, including in Nice, France, where a terrorist used a lorry to plough into unsuspecting civilians who were enjoying Bastille Day celebrations.