Kansas City Zoo’s gorilla, Tiffany, dies of ovarian cancer

It was a dark moment at the Topeka Zoo on Sunday, one of the gorillas died. According to test results, the 49-year old Tiffany suffered late ovarian cancer that affected her body, just four days after undergoing surgery to alleviate constipation.

The test and surgery

The Kansas Zoo stated that the gorilla’s health condition didn’t show signs of improvement after the surgery on Wednesday. The surgery was carried out to get rid of a certain amount of stool from her colon. After the surgery, Tiffany underwent scans at the Mark L. Morris Veterinary Hospital. The gorilla also went through blood work and ultrasound. The results of tests showed two masses that were positioned in her abdomen.

According to ABC News, these two masses were identified as tumors associated with the fourth stage of ovarian cancer. The second surgery was carried out on Sunday, but it was late because cancer has spread to the walls of the abdomen. Consequently, the operation was halted and the surgeons and veterinarians agreed not to wake Tiffany. Shortly after this, she died while surrounded by many who loved her.

The zoo director, Brenda Wiley stated that even if it was possible to get rid of all the tissues affected by cancer, it was not easy to find a regimen of chemotherapy to alleviate cancer.

Know this about Tiffany

Tiffany was born at the Kansas City Zoo in July 1968. She had spent most of her life living at the Topeka Zoo, but she also lived at the Buffalo Zoo in New York during the 1980s. According to Wiley, Tiffany was a major part of the persona in their zoo. Speaking of what the gorilla loved to do, Wiley pointed out that she enjoyed stuffed toys, board books and watching kids. Kids also love to watch Tiffany. Wiley went on to say that Tiffany has impacted much on zoo visitors over the years, and everyone seems to know her. She stood out as one of the oldest gorillas in a world database that shows the age distribution of gorillas in different zoo across the globe.