Concert security protocols to be affected by Las Vegas Street shooting

Despite the shootings that occurred at the Route 91 Harvest, Industry top figures have maintained that the Show and business somehow must continue.

Danny Zelisko, the president of Danny Zelisko Presents had expressed his thoughts on the matter saying “There will still be concerts and people will always attend.” Danny Zelisko Presents supports shows at The Pearl, at the Palms and chosen centers in Arizona. “The difference would be that People will be more cautious of possible danger looking over their shoulders a bit more often like they practice every other day, things that we have in time past weighed lightly.”

In what way could the misfortune weigh in on the safety protocols of concert security?

Noting that the calculated thoughtfulness and alertness of the security board may need to increase, Pat Christenson, who is at present the president of Las Vegas Events said: “My thought is that, it will be changed, in that we will have to observe even past our the scope of these occurrences.” Speaking further, Christenson stated Ït is utterly sad, but the police force is up to the task and quick in response, so when the tension subsides, they can then study what happened. Judging from the records of Metro and everybody that in service for them around crowd management and security, there will be added protection.”

Guarding against the Impossible

Christenson then refers to the experience of the Metropolitan Police Department in moderating the great gatherings of people as a pivotal point in forging ahead.
In his words, “These guys are renowned professionals in monitoring and managing crowd,” he stated, “When you observe the Strip on the eve of the New Year (Electric Daisy Carnival) you will know that such things don’t just emerge from nowhere, there is a system in place.”

He suggested that the system may be manipulated favorably, though the obvious task is to attempt pre-empting what could happen.

“Everybody who is involved in managing large crowds and organizing concerts often has to put with questions of what may or may not occur, but the reality is you cannot possibly prepare yourself for these events” Zelisko stated. “There is honestly no ultimate answer in putting up an offensive against the impossible. It’s like guarding oneself against an earthquake!”