Cheerleaders to undergo drug test because of OD

Cheerleaders of the prestigious University of Louisville will need to undergo drug test like the rest of the university’s athletes following confirmation received on Thursday that Danielle Cogswell’s death was a result of drug overdose. The decision to test cheerleaders for drug has also been confirmed by Kenny Klein, the Director for Sports Information at University of Louisville. According to the post mortem report by Dr. Barbara Weakley-Jones, the Coroner for Jefferson County, the 22 year old cheerleader died of a drug overdose comprising amphetamines, heroin and Xanax.

The Coroner said, “The combination was too much for her,” and according to police report she was found in a student housing area that is not part of the campus of the university but has links to it. The university’s Associate Athletic Director for Student Life, Christine Simatacolos came out with a statement where she declared that the educational institution was deeply “saddened by the coroner’s report and the circumstances surrounding Dani’s death.”

She further added, “We have continued to provide support for our spirit team members as they have worked through their grief,” along with the news that the university has called a meeting of the university’s spirit teams to make known its decision that all the team members have full access to benefits and facilities that are obtainable to student-athletes and these benefits include sports medicine that keep an eye on the university’s drug testing scheme.

Cogswell had joined the university’s program as a transfer candidate from the state of Arizona and has been described by Todd Sharp, her Spirit coach as the best gymnast “in the upper echelon of our program.”