In The Case Of Sherri Papini, Authorities Have Given Conflicted Statements on The Alleged Abduction

According to the investigations carried out by the police, there is still something that is not clear concerning the disappearance of Papin. Sherri Papini  a mom in California who is back with her family on Thanksgiving day after she was found along a California parkway, where she was bound and had been seriously beaten.

Kelly who happens to be a staff at Shasta County sheriff’s office said that she wasn’t sure if she could use the word “ruled out” to describe the scenario. She, however, refused further communication concerning the case after.

The Sheriff of Shasta County in the person of Tom Bosenko has however disagreed on the characterization of the case saying that they believed Papini with the information that they were able to receive from her. He stated that they indeed believe that this was an abduction case.

According to the police, they found Papini, who is a 34-year-old mother around I-5, north of woodland on the 24th of November where she was bounded and has also being battered slowly. She was said to have being found around 150 miles away from the spot where she went missing on the 2nd of November while running.

She was taken to a hospital where she got her injuries treated, and also reunited with her family.

According to her husband, he said the first sight of his wife that he got was that of her battered face that ranged from black to yellow due to the beatings she got. She had severe burns, red rashes, and her hair had been cut off.

Bosenko said in a conference on Wednesday that he didn’t know that Keith the husband of the victim had any intention of releasing a statement.

Bosenko said that the details provided by Keith do not affect the case. He stated further that Papini claimed that she was abducted by two armed women who was driving a dark SUV. Sketches are still being expected from the authorities.

Bosenko said there was no clear description of the women nor the SUV that was used for the abduction.