Broken Marriage Clears the Path for CEO

The corruption trial in which Bob McDonnell, former Governor of Virginia, along with Maureen McDonnell, his wife have been indicted, took a slanderous turn on Tuesday. The turn was the effect of their defense lawyers announcing that the governor’s wife had developed a liking for businessman Jonnie Williams, who had taken advantage of the McDonnell marriage falling apart.

The prosecution lawyers said that the political couple were interested in extracting favors from Williams, the ex chief executive for Star Scientific. Bill Burck first tore down Williams and said that he had tried to embroil Maureen McDonnell into a relationship so that he could take advantage of the situation. “Unlike the other man in her life, Jonnie paid attention to her,” It was also said that Williams changed his statement nine times, and each time it was a different version and “Each time it gets better and better for the government,”

The couple, married for 38 years, is being tried for an indictment on 14 counts, which accuses them of accepting $165,000 in gifts and loans to promote Anatabloc, a nutritional supplement from the stable of his former company Star Scientific.

But the scales are tilted towards Jonnie Williams, because he is a government witness and has been awarded immunity from any prosecution. He is not the CEO of the company anymore which has changed its former name and has left its former office. If the McDonnell’s are found guilty, they may have to stay inside jail for decades.