Boy Fires Gun in Utah Classroom, Is Immediately Disarmed by Mother

A 15-year-old boy entered a classroom at Mueller Park Junior High Thursday and fired one shot into the ceiling before his own mother intervened and grabbed the gun from his hand.

Bountiful, Utah Police Chief Tom Ross says the boy, who has yet to be named, entered the class shortly after it began, and pointed a shotgun at the ceiling, releasing one round.

What Happened?

Police are still piecing together the story from several witnesses, including the parents, who noticed that two of their guns were missing and went to the school, concerned about their son.

Student Dan Fowers told the Associated Press that witnessed the confrontation. He stated that the boy walked into the classroom and fired one shot before a woman disarmed him and told him to stop.

The fast-acting parents reportedly held their son until police came and took him aside for questioning. No one was injured.

No Motive Yet

The Davis School District spokesman, Chris Williams, told KSL-TV that he did not know whether the child had a troubling history at the school or not.

Investigators are still trying to determine whether the boy fired the gun accidentally or on purpose.

Student witnesses recall the frightening scene, immediately crouching under their desks after the shot was fired, as they had practiced during their school’s practice emergency drills.


The Salt Lake City-area school remained on lock-down as over 100 officers searched through each of the classrooms in order to ensure there were no other threats.

Hundreds of parents huddled in the snow outside the school awaiting word regarding how soon they would be able to gather their children.

The incident comes after a different student in Utah stabbed five classmates and himself before being stopped by two workers.