Armed man trying to steal helicopter shot dead by police

Police killed a man who tried to steal a helicopter from a hanger at an airport close to Portland; this was disclosed by authorities on Monday.

According to the Hillsboro Police, Lt. Henry Reimann, the armed man made his way over the fence and headed for the helicopter in a hangar possessed by Hillsboro Aero Academy. The incident took place around 11:30 a.m. local time. Reimann further said the helicopter which had the engine turned was being shown by an academy employee to his girlfriend.

Armed man attempts robbery

The police identified the people in the aircraft as a pilot and a student pilot. Reimann stated that the armed man shot into the air and ordered the two occupants of the helicopter to step down before moving into the aircraft. Consequently, he was pointed with weapons by three other Academy employees.

In response to a call of an active shooter, a Hillsboro officer came close to the hangar and ordered the armed man away from the helicopter, causing the exchange of fire as the suspect jumped the fence and ran into an open field where another officer shot him.
Speaking of the incident, Reimann told KATU, a CNN affiliate that the incident is not a terrorist attack, and it was reported as an active shooter case initially. Efforts are being put in place by the police to identify the suspect using forsenics.

Another account of the incident

The director of public safety and security for portland’s pot, Christopher Neal disclosed to reporters that he encountered the suspect while he was relaxed in a closeby parking lot with his wife and 2-year old son. He added that he saw the man walk past the street in a gray hoodie. With his hands in his pocket, he believed that the suspect had something.
He also wondered why t=he must be putting on the hoodie under such weather – little hot. He passed by Neal’s car, looked at them and continued his walking while he pulled over his gray mask over his head. Neal got his family in his car as the suspect jumped over the fence and started running.
Neal gave thanks to the Lord above for saving him and the family. As he drove off, he got on the phone.

Investigating the incident

The airport was under thorough search by authorities and officials. And the Washington County Major Crimes is managing the case as the Federal Aviation Administration has also been made to know about the incident.
The owners of the Airport, The Port of Portland, accords accolades to the Hillsboro Police for its swift and professional intervention in the event. Port added that the airport has commenced its normal activities.