Amazon possibly may commence of prescription drugs online

Amazon is on the verge of either entering into the sales of medicine or not. If the online retailer should get into that business, it would be a competition to significant pharmacy stores like Walgreens and CVS, a reality amplified by the drop in stocks in the advent of the development.

An online alternative for users that ensures fast shipping coupled with reduced prices may easily win the crowd. Amazon has in time past has recorded success in its branching-out endeavours of which Ebooks are only are only one of the many examples of its broadened reach.

Amazon to carefully review all decisions

The company according to sources is said to be applying caution in their decision to branch out into the retail of medicine. CNBC claims that from the online retailer’s viewed email and source, it will declare its possible expansion in business by Thanksgiving next month.

This decision, however, will be accompanied by critical research and analysis of the market. Despite the complexities involved in this venture, Amazon is said to be reviewing everything carefully. It is not at this point stated if a prime subscription will be needed or not.