Actress Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

Just yesterday we were ecstatic to get an update from actress Debbie Reynolds that her daughter was doing better, her condition was upgraded to stable. However, this afternoon the world received the devastating news that the beloved actress had died.

This Christmas the entertainment industry had lost a very special person who had thrilled us for many years on a series of film including the Star Wars trilogy. At the tender age of 19, in 1977 Carrie Fisher was cast in the Sci-Fi series.

Fisher fell ill during a flight from London’s Heathrow to California’s LAX in Los Angeles. A close friend on the flight had disclosed that the actress complained of chest pain during the flight. She later suffered a cardiac arrest and was seen by medical pesonnel who were already notified and waiting for her at the airport, she was later taken to UCLA where she was admitted in critical condition.

Fisher’s mother Debbie Reynolds on Christmas day, December 25, went on Twitter to give an update on her daughter’s progress. In her tweet she stated that her condition was recently upgraded and she was resting comfortably at the hospital. However, the actress suffered a heart attack and passed away a little after 8:00Am this morning.

Carrie Fisher was the daughter of Debbie Reynolds an singer Eddie Fisher, she was born in Beverly Hills, California in 1956. Fisher grew up in the entertainment industry under the watchful eye of her celebrity parents.

As a child she was affectionately known as the “bookworrn” she was an avid reader who would spent her time writing poems and ready literature. Her love for the arts led her to become an author and a screenwriter.

The actress left behind a daughter; Billie Lourd, mother Debbie Reynolds, brother Todd Fisher as well as other siblings, relatives and friends.


SOURCEYahoo News