We’ll help build your wall, UK firm tells Trump

The boss of British equipment hire business Ashtead says he hopes his firm can get involved if President-elect Donald Trump really does go ahead with his proposals to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

Because Ashtead gets most of its business from America, its chief executive Geoff Drabble said that he fully expects his firm to benefit from promised infrastructure investment in the US. Mr Trump campaigned on a promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico in a bid to cut illegal immigration. He also sid he would plough $1 trillion into infrastructure projects.

However, Mr Drabble would not comment on any speculation over how much the firm could gain in terms of contracts. He said: “People are confident that it will elongate what is already a very good construction environment in North America.If he builds any walls, or builds any structures in America, we would certainly hope it’s our equipment.”


Mr Drabble has welcomed Mr Trump’s pledge to cut corporation tax, which he says could be of benefit to the economy. However, Mr Drabble said Ashtead’s plans are not solely focused on America. He is also expecting that his company will benefit from planning long-term infrastructure investment in Britain.

The company has released its profit details in its annual report, reporting that profits are up by nine per cent to £426 million for the half a year to the end of October. Its full year results are expected to be ahead of target as a result of its strong performance in the US.




Mr Trump, who will officially take the keys to the White House in the New Year, promised to build a wall between America and Mexico. However, he has since backtracked slightly saying that some parts of the barrier may be made up of fences.