Way to change Google Home voice

A lot of money and study is expended by tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple to make their digital assistants appear more humane. Although of course, the elements of the robotic may still abound with these assistants, nonetheless some quality identical to humanoids will be seen, despite it being obviously artificial.

The significant benefit of a more personal digital assistant is that it comes off as more natural to the speaker.
Originally, there was a male voice known as Siri back in 2013 as introduced by Apple. However, presently, there is a male and female Siri voice with Australian, British and American accents.

Likewise, the voice used for Assistant has been expanded by google. You may now change from a male to a female voice on Google home or at Walmart for $109. This is how  Access Google Home app on iOS or Android.

Select More settings after tapping on the hamburger button which should be located at the top left corner. Choose your Preferences, followed by the voice of the Assistant. Hit the button for the radio leftwards of Voice II.

Further directions

The voices may be previewed by hitting the buttons of the blue speaker to the right for every one of the options.

Selecting among the options available will impact on the Assistant on the phone, implying therefore that the same settings may be reached from the Assistant. Launch the opened app on your device by holding the button for the home. The blue button in the right corner should be tapped, followed by the three dots located at the top edge and proceed to the Settings from there to Preferred option, then select the Assistant voice of choices. Voice I or Voice II may be selected, the former for the set original voice while the freshly added male voice is for the second.